All adventures start here!

A major step has been taken.
You’ve managed to cope with the fear of the unknown, and a team of assistants is ready to start the first game.
Here, behind the closed doors,thrilling challenges await you.
Try to cope with Claustrophobia?

What are reality games?

Imagine how a favorite movie or computer game becomes aliveright in front of your eyes, and all events happen with you in reality.
You have 60 minutes to solve all brain twisters, find hidden keys, crack the codes and work hard as a whole team to escape the room.
The game starts!
Code da Vinci: In search of the Grail

How many players take part in the game?

The game can be played with two, three or four people. Most of the games are suitable for both adults and children.
Make sure to take into account the maximum number of players and age limitations while booking the game.
The Simpsons

What if the team consists only of newcomers?

Even if none of the players has participated in the game before, it’s ok.
All brain twisters blend seamlessly with the plot and you will immediately catch the logic.
The game is under full control of the operator, that’s why your team can ask for help or clues at any time.
The Trail of Alice