Escape room factory

We build the best escape rooms in the world! Do you dream to open a business related to escape rooms, but you are scared off upcoming amount of work? "Claustrophobia" has the solution! Our new division "Escape room factory" builds turnkey escape rooms. All you need to do is to select the escape room from our catalog relax, and after 3–4 months to get a working and profitable business. And not only escape rooms!

We build classic escape rooms, VR and AR projects as well as amusement parks. We are working to develop virtual and augmented reality escape rooms at full speed. And we are ready to set it all up for you, too!



Why Escape room factory

To use «Escape room factory» services is faster and cheaper than building escape room on one’s own:

  1. We guarantee the execution of works within a specific timeframe, and your building does not stretch on for months.
  2. Thanks to standard decisions and established relationships with contractors, we build escape rooms several times cheaper and better than competitors do.
  3. We always keep up with the times and offer our customers only the latest ideas and technologies in the field of escape rooms building.

Still have questions? Call us or write to — we will discuss!

The best escape-rooms in Minsk from Claustrophobia.