Corporate party

Claustrophobia is a perfect choice for corporate parties and team building events. Children’s parties are no exception. A wide range of options will suit any age, taste, composition and size of the company: quests for adults and children, quests with actors, scary, funny, science fiction and even historic!
An event full of adventures will linger on in your memory, while the competitions and emotions shared with others will increase team cohesiveness to the maximum!

Meeting points for the festive events?

Location Gorizont

Large integrated space where one can hold a standing buffet or just relax in a good company during the breaks between quests. There are five quests to choose from: Fantastic «The Fifth Element», cheerful and bright quest «The Simpsons», mystical «Phantom», magical and fairy tale «The Trail of Alice» and the mysterious «Code da Vinci: In search of the Grail».

How to arrange the event?

Квесты расположены в одном здании в центре Минска. Неподалеку есть рестораны и кафе с услугами доставки еды. Поэтому в зоне отдыха можно устроить отличный кофе-брейк для большой и дружной компании друзей!
На локации есть все удобства для проведения корпоративов:

  • up to 25 persons can find room in the leisure area at a time
  • water, tea, coffee and cookies are unfailingly available
  • the following additional entertainment activities are at your disposal: puzzles, board games, books and printed press
  • Wi-Fi with free broadband Internet
  • after the event we will send you the memorable photos which will bring your memories back

Our operators are always there for you. They are ready to render any assistance immediately at your first request.
All three locations are situated in Kiev downtown. Restaurants and cafes providing delivery menu and take-away services are in close vicinity to the locations. It’s a great opportunity to arrange a perfect coffee break in the leisure area.

Additional bonus

Reserve at least three games for holding a corporate party and get a 20% discount off the total invoice amount. Reach out to us by phone +375 29 710 87 13 and we will discuss further details. After that you will be able to take the final decision.

We wish you unforgettable experience and joyful festive events!

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